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2/3 Planners + 1/3 Suppliers = SPIN's Winning Formula 


SPIN:Senior Planners Industry Network now welcomes veteran suppliers into its ranks. SPIN was started in 2008 to fill a need for education and networking for senior-level planners. As the association enters its 10th year, SPIN now welcomes suppliers (including Hotel Procurements Specialists) with at least 10 years of experience to join. Supplier membership will be capped at 33% of overall membership – the lowest ratio in the industry.
“We’ve had a 33% supplier ratio at our annual conference, SPINCon, since its inception, and it’s been a great environment for both sides,” said SPIN founder Shawna Suckow, CMP. “We’re looking forward to our membership reflecting the great environment – and participant ratio – we’ve built at SPINCon over the years.”
SPIN has grown robustly since its start as a LinkedIn group and now counts nearly 3000 planner members in North America and Canada.
“Our strict planner focus has resulted in some really one-sided conversations and education,” said SPIN VP of Communications, Carolyn Browning, CMP, CMM. “It’s time for us to evolve and bridge the gap, to be the place where the industry’s most experienced professionals meet, connect, and change the industry for the better.”
While SPIN welcomes supplier membership, it’s on-line community fosters a no-selling environment.
“We want to keep the focus on connections and conversations that build relationships, not just transactions,” said Tracey Smith, CMP, CMM, SPIN's Executive Director. “Any of our supplier partners who’ve been to SPINCon know that the vibe within SPIN is really special, and we all want to protect that. SPIN is the place to foster real relationships.”
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SPIN Annouces New Executive Director: 

Newest Leader Has Been a Member Since Inception

SPIN:Senior Professionals Industry Network announced the hiring of a new Executive Director during the Opening Session of their annual conference, SPINCon in early December. Tracey Smith, CMP, CMM will assume the role in January 2018. This position has been vacant since Rod Abraham retired this past June.

“Tracey was actually the second member of SPIN when we started 10 years ago, and she is the ultimate person to take SPIN to the next level,” said Shawna Suckow, CMP, SPIN’s founder.

 Smith, a 20-plus-year industry veteran who is currently meeting manager at American Express Meetings and Events, is excited to start her new post at SPIN in January.

 "I’m looking forward to upholding and furthering SPIN’s principles with our members (authenticity, community, expertise, rejuvenation and fun), growing our membership and working on important projects,” Smith said. Smith plans to focus on cultivating membership among more suppliers and encourage engagement and support from its newly created advisory board.


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