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Friday, August 17, 2018

3 pm CDT

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Many event managers are seeking to get a seat at the executives table, without realizing how quickly this could happen. With a few simple strategies, event managers can showcase their knowledge, experience, value and strategic skills without ever having to 'fight' for that seat. It will become evident as they highlight their value through the process. They will also be able to get more resources, headcount and budget by using just a few techniques. Full Presentation Description :* When thinking about the role of an event manager in an organization (or third party event companies), it can be one that is fighting for resources, budget and recognition. There's a reason that event producing is always listed on the top 5 most stressful job occupations to have. However, as we all know, events cut across every department and nearly every organizational objective, forming a crucible of opportunity for any business. Because events are critical to an organization's success it only makes sense that an event manager role should be elevated to a strategic position. By using a few tried and tested techniques, including drilling down into Success Metrics, analyzing Audience Mix, getting clarity and specificity on Roles and Responsibilities, and putting the Budget last, event managers can position themselves for power. They can show any organization or client, that what they offer is critical strategic guidance and high-level event curation abilities. This leads to greater compensation, more headcount, additional resources and recognition. The events sector is growing, with more companies prioritizing events, and more hiring taking place to staff them. Because of this, it is incumbent upon all of us as professionals to continue to seek the elevation of this field in both perceived professionalism and remuneration. The good news, is that it is within our power, to move the industry and those outside of it, to a new understanding of our value, our worth, and what we bring to the table. Because we are already there. We just have to show it. Learner Outcome #1:* How to take broad Goals and break them down into detailed, measurable Success Metrics, which will show anyone (even if they've set the goals) that you as an event manager are actually producing the show. Learner Outcome #2:* How to analyze the Roles & Responsibilities necessary to produce any show, including curation to showcase how much work is being done, and how many resources should be counted (ie nothing is ever free -including labor) so that any request for headcount is clearly justified and really, self-evident. Learner Outcome #3:* How to position the budget as last, and flip any organization to a value first orientation. Using this as a strategic positioning tool to showcase the value that both the event manager and events bring to any company. This is my favorite technique (and most of the people I work with) because the benefits of this can happen overnight.

Heather Mason, Founder and CEO, Caspian Agency Heather founded Caspian in 2005, to produce conferences for the innovative and social good business space. Caspian’s social enterprise clients include the Skoll Foundation, the Omidyar Network, Code for America, Playworks, Endeavor Global, San Diego Zoo, and Futures Without Violence. Caspian has also worked with brands including HarperCollins, Vanity Fair and Keurig Green Mountain Coffee. Caspian has had the distinction of producing the Skoll World Forum for the past 10 years. Mason also created the Caspian 10 Essentials methodology as a system to ensure business goals could be mapped and met through live events. The Caspian 10 Essentials is offered as a training program for in-house event teams and clients include Oxford University, Swansea University, and Cheung Kung Institute of Business in London. Recently, Caspian partnered with Cvent, the largest event software provider in the world, to provide the Caspian 10 Essentials via a webinar series. Mason’s previous work experience includes Fox Studios, Fox TV, the Sundance and Cannes Film Festivals, the Bud Greenspan Olympic film crew, as well as a marketing career in technology including ShowBIZ data and Broadstream. Prior to starting Caspian, she worked at Charles Schwab producing conferences across the country. She graduated with a degree from Utah State University, where she was awarded Woman of the Year award and the President's Leadership scholarship. She is on the board of, Social Venture Network (SVN). She has been a keynote speaker at the Western Regional MPI Conference in Las Vegas, featured speaker at Future of Cities LA, Cvent Connect Conference, Women Founders Network, Talk forum NYC, HSMAI (hospitality) conference in Anaheim, LA AiP (International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy) and the Global Women’s Leadership Summit. She has been featured in Southwest Airlines, Collaborate and Successful Meetings magazines.

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Discover how to increase meaningful results in your business. When you change not only what you do, but HOW you think about it, that’s when you achieve true clarity. In this program, you will explore the four steps that increase your focus, productivity, and get you maximum results every day. 

My name is Debbie Peterson and I run a company called Getting to Clarity. I work with independent professionals to get them out of their own way, get clarity on what they really want in their business and give them strategies to actually achieve it! On a personal note, I chase sunshine with the two loves of my life, my husband, Tom, and my beagle, Ernie.  www.gettingtoclarity.com


Small businesses are often tasked with growing sales at a time when resources are at their most limited. Rapid revenue growth without a huge budget or large sales team requires strategic alignment of people, pitch, and process. By focusing on just a few critical strategies, business builders can actually do more with less. Even better, they establish a scalable, authentic sales model that is far more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Charlene DeCesare is a sales strategist who helps brilliant leaders of small businesses significantly grow revenue (and actually enjoy the process!) Before starting “Charlene Ignites,” she co-founded EdAssist (now under Bright Horizons, Inc), and had previously launched a multi-million-dollar line of business for Gartner, Inc.  She is a Nationally certified Brain-Based Success Coach and a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association. www.charleneignites.com


Your clients have more choices than ever before. What are you doing to ensure that you not only stand out from the crowd, but that you connect with the people that you serve? Through her exclusive THANKS process, Lisa Ryan will show you how to keep your top clients from becoming someone else's.

Lisa Ryan helps organizations develop employee engagement strategies that keep their top talent and best customers from becoming someone else’s. She is an award-winning speaker and best-selling author of ten books, including “The Upside of Down Times: Discovering the Power of Gratitude.” www.lisaryanspeaks.com




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