If you were a member of SPIN prior to 2015, you’ve probably heard about SPIN:Credits.  These were earned for volunteer contributions that could be used towards membership dues or SPINCon registration. That was one of the benefits we offered as a ‘thank you’ for your involvement with your association. (No other association does this!)

During #yearofthemember, when no dues or registration fees were collected, SPIN:Credits were put on hold.  They didn’t disappear – any unused SPIN:Credits are still in your ‘bank’. Beginning in May 2017, Plus or VIP Members can start earning SPIN:Credits again for a variety of contributions.

You are making an investment in you by being a member of SPIN. If you have opted for the Plus or Virtual Membership Levels, contributing your time & talents to SPIN will earn you SPIN:Credits which will offset some of additional costs to participate. We are still finalizing the details – stay tuned and as always, we welcome your suggestions as this is your association.