What are SPIN:Labs?

SPIN:Labs are videos by industry experts geared toward a senior-level planner audience, and are available for viewing on demand.
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Refreshing Your Exhibit Hall

Presented by Dana Saal, CMP, CAE

Your convention registration is great (hopefully!), but darn it, participants are staying out of the exhibit hall in droves. Perhaps it’s you. Well, your approach to the exhibit hall. Does it look like it did ten years ago? Are you doing the same thing over and over expecting different results?

Learn how to rethink how you think about participants, exhibitors and that happy occasion of a bustling exhibit hall.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Define and discuss the objectives for each exhibit hall stakeholder—participants, exhibitors and the association.
  • Design an event agenda that balances exhibit hall time with all other event requirements.
  • Design the exhibit hall floor plan and atmosphere so that it encourages desired behaviors.

Are you Truly Differentiating Yourself??

Presented by Shawna Suckow

Many planners put up their shingle, and await referrals to come in. They come up with a name, a logo, and a website and that’s the extent of their branding. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be so well-known in the marketplace that your phone wouldn’t stop ringing? Join Shawna Suckow for a candid look at common planner marketing efforts (or lack thereof!). She’ll rip off the band-aid and share what’s NOT working (things many of us do), and then give you lots of ideas that WILL work for your small business to become unstoppable.

Three Key Takeaways:

  • A clear vision on how your brand is helping or hurting you
  • Action steps to step up, stand out, and become THE go-to company
  • The #1 place you should be networking for new business


Partnering with Hotels

Presented by Jeffrey Perrin


Business Development Ideas for the Independent Planner

Presented by Heather Herrig, CMP and Colleen McQuone

It’s usually the first question on any independent planner’s mind: How do I grow my business? There are many reasons why we prefer entrepreneurialism to full-time employment, but the lack of a regular paycheck isn’t usually one of them. So join us as we explore opportunities to find, connect with, and land those future clients. They’re out there waiting for you!

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Recommendations for ensuring your “OPEN FOR BUSINESS” sign is always on
  • Actionable strategies for feeding your sales pipeline
  • Ideas for developing business opportunities through differentiation


How Can Having the Right Conversations Translate to Successful On-site Execution 

Presented by Tess Vismale


Can You Do Just One More Thing

Presented by Lynne Wellish

When planning events, what client questions make you cringe? What makes your job difficult as you deal with deadlines, timelines, budgets, and resources? Does someone you know suffer from lavish taste with a small budget? “Could you do just one more thing?” This is referred to as “Scope Creep.” Scope Creep is a term used in Project Management when the scope of your project keeps creeping upward. Without clear goals and objectives, the scope of the project and responsibilities thereof will not be defined and you will not be able to control the extent of your obligations, nor evaluate your success.


The 4 V's of Event Design Venue, Voice, Visual, Viral 

Presented by Doug Chorpenning, Founder and CEO at Wet Paint Creative Group

Recently, the Harvard Business Review named Marketing as the fastest evolving business discipline ahead of IT and Engineering. With this in mind, we have our work cut out for us to stay ahead of the curve and offer the highest value to our stakeholders. This webinar session will provide you with innovative tools to help you move the “needle" and increase your relevancy within the organization and/or your client base. The Four Vs of Event Management are: Venue, Voice, Visual and Viral.


Strategic Planning Thinking Like the C-Suite 

Presented by Michael Vennerstrom, CMP - Owner and President at Equinox Creative

Are you being marginalized by top decision-makers? Are your ideas getting shot down without discussion? Are you not getting the respect you deserve?
Join us to learn how to think and talk like the C-Suite. Learn how to think strategically, present your ideas in language they understand and get more funding for your events. We'll explore the techniques, tools and skills you need to earn respect and position yourself as an indispensible business partner.


Lessons learned from Eventeract 

Presented by Meredith Martini, M.S. - Founder & Chief PlayWorker at PlayWorks Group

Hear about the lessons learned from the Programs Committee Chair of Eventeract 2014 - A revolutionary event held in Atlanta that evolved from the DNA of the Meetings Exploration Conference (MEC).


SPINLab - Cool Tools to Help You do Your Work – part 2

Presented by Sara Vanderbilt, Vice President of SPIN

There are a ton of programs, websites, and tools in the market today that help you do your job effectively. In this session, Sara shares a few of the tools she uses to keep organized, communicate with SPIN members, and collaborate with others.
* This is a stand-alone SPIN:Lab - you do not have to attend Part 1 to attend Part 2.


Say What Is it so Lead Generation through Social Media

Presented by Michelle Bergstein-Fontanez - "The Event Marketing Maven" Social Media Strategist & Online Marketing Expert - Marketing Specialist at Beatcreative

You're on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, now what? In this session, we explore how to use your social networks most effectively to yield solid leads to make your social media efforts worthwhile. In this 60-minute session learn how to create an effective social media plan with smart, savvy call to actions, educational content and effective visuals to convert your social media inquiries to actual warm leads.


Difficult Conversations - Co-workers & Peers 

Presented by Bridget DiCello - Speaker, Executive Coach, Author

Why do professional people do the crazy things they do?  Everyone has their own agendas, experiences, fears and challenges that manifest themselves in the conversations they hold.  When there are no clear authority lines, things can work very smoothly or differences of opinion may not be addressed.  Getting day to day work done may not be an issue, but increasing effectiveness and creating greatness may be stymied by interactions with coworkers or peers who may not have the same ambitions or see the same path.  Think about what you really want to accomplish and who you would love to get fully on board, and bring those challenges to our discussion in this Mini-Lab!


Difficult Conversations - General 

Presented by Bridget DiCello - Speaker, Executive Coach, Author

Even the most senior of professionals, when trying to move ambitiously forward, hit conversations that become combative, oversimplified, tangential or unproductive. Given the hectic pace we run, we don't always bring our best self to the conversation, especially with the hundreds of conversations we have in a day. Beyond the basics of communication is opportunity to find success despite distractions, emotional reactions, conflict avoidance or lack of respect - on either side of the communication. Bring your toughest questions and challenging conversations to this Mini-Lab, and let's address the Difficult Conversations that hold you back from where you could be!


Catering Trends for the Senior Meeting Professional (a NACE Sponsored Webinar) 

Presented by Lisa A. Hopkins, CPCE, CMP – Director of Catering and Conferences - The Houstonian Hotel, Club and Spa and Linwood Campbell, CPCE - Director of Catering Sales - Horseshoe Casino

Join Lisa and Linwood as they discuss some of the upcoming trends they see in the catering industry.


SPIN:Lab - Tips & Tricks on Feeding Guests with Dietary Needs 

Presented by Tracy Stuckrath, CSEP, CMM, CHC - President & Chief Connecting Officer - Thrive! Meetings & Events

If you’ve done your due diligence and asked your guests if they have dietary needs, great job! – but that’s only half the battle. Allergens are often disguised even in well-labeled banquet menus, food prep methods can affect the safety of guests and some service styles breed opportunity for cross contact. At the conclusion of the SPINlab, participants will be able to:
  • Evaluate a hotel/catering menu for dietary needs
  • Guide foodservice providers on what they need and how they want the needs fulfilled
  • Work with participants in meeting their needs and provide a better customer experience

SPIN:Lab - Marketing Yourself 

Presented by Shawna Suckow, CMP - Founder and President - SPIN, The Senior Planners Industry Network

In this session, we’ll discuss:
  • Truly differentiating yourself so business finds YOU
  • Using LinkedIn for prospecting
  • Getting writing & speaking engagements
  • Unique ways to stand out

SPIN:Lab - Technology for Small Businesses 

Presented by Joseph Lo

You've launched your own business. Congratulations! Now, how do you make it work efficiently from home, on the road, and for your clients?  Back by popular demand, Joseph Lo, an admitted geek, will show you what products and apps work best for small businesses who have to run lean-and-mean, while looking polished and professional.


SPIN:Lab - Closing Sales for Your Small Business 

Presented by Stephanie Zapata - NE National Sales Manager “Located in New York” - The Inverness Hotel & Conference Center and by Todd Gehrke - Hotel Madeline Telluride

As an independent planner, you must constantly market your services to potential and recurring clients. Even when you are a corporate or an association planner, you must constantly win over your stakeholders. Whether it's sales or contracts or just getting approval from the boss, these sales professionals will give you their insights for getting to a yes answer. Then, we'll open it up for questions and answers to one of the hardest aspects of business today.”


SPIN:Lab - Sara's Favorite Tech Tools, Part 2 

Presented by Sara Vanderbilt, Vice President of SPIN

Join Sara Vanderbilt, Vice President of Operations at SPIN, for a second round of her favorite tech tools, like Evernote, and Uberflip.


SPIN:Lab - Dangers Lurking in an AV Contract (A NON-SALESY presentation by Maple Lane Media) 

Presented by Robert McCarthy of Maple Lane Media

Join Rob McCarthy from Maple Lane Media, a beloved SPIN partner, as he shares the common problems even senior-level planners may not know are lurking within their AV contracts and how to avoid those problems.


SPIN:Lab - Top Apps for Travelers 

Presented by Dahlia El Gazzar 

Join Dahlia El Gazzar, Brand Visionnaire + Idea Igniteur + Netweaver at DAHLIA+, as she shares the top apps for those who travel these days. This is an amazing session that will leave your jaw dropping and your head spinning!


SPIN:Lab - Getting Ready for the World 

Presented by Shawna Suckow, CMP - Founder and President - SPIN, The Senior Planners Industry Network

Speaker Shawna Suckow says: I hear from planners all the time that they're great at planning, but lousy at sales.  Whether you've been in business one year or 20 years, you'll learn some tips from this session that'll make you more comfortable and confident when you sell yourself.  In this session, I'll pass along some tips I've learned along the way, after owning my own third-party planning company for 11 years, and then selling on behalf of SPIN for four years.
We'll focus on your passive marketing first (your brand on LinkedIn, your web site, and other in-bound sales tools), to make sure you're really putting your best foot forward, and truly differentiating yourself.  Then, we'll discuss some practical tips on how you can start to cultivate leads and be more proactive about selling your company to potential clients.  There'll be time for Q&A, and plenty of relevant examples will be given.


How to Build Your Successful Business 

Presented by Dana Rhoden, CMM, CMP and Allison Kinsley, CMM, CMP

Entrepreneur, Business Owner or Independent Contractor – What does owning your own business really mean?
Shaping Your Business to Fit the Times- you can’t continue to do the same thing as before. This session will explore how you approach your business. Am I a meeting planner going into business, or a business-minded person going into meeting planning?
The entrepreneurial spirit will do you well regardless of the type of business you are in. Are you working for a large corporation, considering starting your own business as a meeting professional, or already in your own business? This session will address the following:
  • Establishing your business
  • How to talk about yourself and your business
  • Communication with your clients and your staff (or vendors)
  • What is your Value Proposition?
  • Niche markets to consider – what is your specialty
  • Marketing strategies
  • How integrating your values and purpose into your business.
  • How one piece of equipment can be your best investment in your business
  • Are you a Leader or a Manager
  • Which is better, A $1 Million business with 20% profit or a $2 Million business with a 10% profit and why

10 Marketing Tips & Tricks from Successful Independent Planners 

Presented by Shawna Suckow, CMP, Founder and President of SPIN

These days, everybody could use a new client or two (or ten). With new clients few and far between, and more independent planners than ever, how do you stand out from the crowd?  In this webinar, you’ll learn:
  • What other senior-level planners have done to market themselves and their businesses successfully
  • What NOT to do unless you want to keep spinning your wheels with little results
  • What you can do to market yourself or your business with limited time or money (or both!)

SPIN:Lab - How to Keep Your Business Running During a Personal Crisis 

Presented by Betty Garrett, CMP

As business executives, you have disaster plans for your business, contingency plans for travel disruption, back-up plans for the carpool schedule and even back-up plans for snow days. But do you have a personal contingency plan for yourself? Does everyone know what to do when you or your loved one are diagnosed with a chronic illness? Your world can turn upside down when you least expect it, and unless you prepare, it can affect your personal and professional success.


SPIN:Lab - Insider Secrets for Working with Labor Unions 

Presented by Daryl C. Taylor, CMP

Did you ever wonder about all the people buzzing about during the set-up of a trade show, convention or general session?  Who are they and what are they doing? Why do you have to hire them for your set-up? If you have typically delegated this responsibility to a general contractor or AV team, you could be getting charged too much or, even worse, violating union regulations that you didn’t know existed.  Join former McCormick Place event manager Daryl C. Taylor, CMP, on a journey to learn about the labor unions and personnel who help bring trade shows, conventions and general sessions to life all across the United States.  Learn what unions are responsible for the work that goes on behind the scenes before the curtain rises and the magic happens.  Also, review floor plans from events that will further highlight the responsibilities of each union.  And just to ensure that everyone did not fall asleep during the session, a fun, multiple-choice quiz will be given, followed by Q&A.


SPIN:Lab -Writing Powerfully 

Presented by Tracey Smith, CMM, CMP

In this 24/7 world, our ability to communicate is more important than ever. Attention spans are undeniably short, so how do you get through to your recipient and have them respond? It's all in the power and clarity of your words. Crafting a powerfully written email will be the focus of this lab, and you will see how the turn of a phrase can make a big difference.


SPIN:Lab - LinkedIn for Prospecting  

Presented by Shawna Suckow, CMP, Founder and President of SPIN

Join Shawna Suckow, CMP, Founder and President of SPIN as she discusses using the valuable tool, LinkedIn, as a way to prospect for clients in our industry. This is a great session for small business owners and planners who sell sponsorships!


Demystifying Social Media for Meetings & Events 

Presented by Shawna Suckow, CMP, Founder and President of SPIN


Twitter 101 for SPIN Planners 

Presented by Shawna Suckow, CMP, Founder and President of SPIN


Social Media Strategy for Meeting Planners 

Presented by Shawna Suckow, CMP, Founder and President of SPIN


Selling Sponsorships in a Challenging Economy 

Presented by Shawna Suckow, CMP, Founder and President of SPIN

Shawna Suckow was the former president of COMPASS Sponsorships, where she ran record-setting sponsorship campaigns up to $1.3 million for events. Join her as she shares tips and tricks including:
  • The five ways to rethink what you have that’s worth sponsoring
  • The four main types of sponsors and what motivates each type
  • How to break the “Bronze, Silver, Gold Mold” and create programs that drive value for each type of sponsor
  • How to write a prospectus that conveys ROI, not just features and benefits